Covid-19 Safety


We are back and ready as we have never been before! YDM doors are open to NEW and OLD clients again. We will keep our normal hours but obviously there will be some rules to follow.

  • We kindly ask you to allow for distance and no more body tempering on cardio machines or weight stations. If you see anyone on the machine please keep your distance by skipping one in between (unless you are a family member with each other of course). The benches in front of the dumbbell station will have red marks on the floor and they MUST stay at those locations at all times to keep everyone safe and comfortable while lifting. You may interchange them but every bench must be at the red mark and no closer. 

  • We will have a sanitizing station as soon as you walk in. Please sanitize your hands when you arrive and before you leave.

  • There are bottles of disinfectant all throughout the gym so please disinfect before and after each use of the machine. Disinfectant and hand sanitizer is OUR friend right now!

  • No water fountain, shower, or locker use for now. Please leave all your belongings in the car. 

  • No children until further notice.

Cleaning will be taking place all day long throughout the day. In addition to that, we will disinfect the entire facility in the evening as well.

I kindly ask all of you to respect the guidelines and follow them as stated above. Do not come in if you don't feel well or have recently been exposed to the virus. As I said earlier my priority is to keep our staff and clients safe by following all the regulations from the Ohio Health and Safety Department during this time. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out